No Matter_by Angel 香港TVB钟情多年的歌曲

这是一首TVB钟情多年的一首歌,从1997年的舞动全城、1998年的妙手仁心,到2007年的建筑有情天,再到2014年的点金胜手。这位被TVB称为Angel的女歌手,虽然从未露过面,但是这首No Matter,却随着TVB那些感动人的影片,进入了无数人的心。我很少分享歌曲,是鉴于版权的原因。这首歌经过我多方查询并未正式出版,Youtube上也仅有一些网友配词的视频。MP3文件来源自2007年一位香港网友的分享。一分四十四秒,足以打动心灵,放下浮躁的心,静静聆听吧。

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Doesn’t matter who you are with
Doesn’t matter where you are going
Don’t you know I’m still waiting here for you
And praying for you

In the sunny days, Sun will light your day
In the windy days, Wind will lead your way
I have to say, you’re my treasured moments
Never gonna walk away

In the rainy days, rains will share my tears
In the stormy days, storms will steal my pain
Just go your way and leave things all behind
Spread your wings and fly away

I’m pretending you are mine
I’m wishing you’ll be fine
The moments we shared never die
You’ve made a difference to my life
And let me realize
The feelings I’ve kept deep inside

“lollipopsangelz”@Youtube:”Hi, i’m Angel So glad to see that so many people like the song. Btw, theres no full version of the song. Thats all that was recorded.”